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10 Years Of Experience

Aadit Dental And Physiotherapy Clinic is one of the best Dental And Physiotherapy clinics offering highly advanced yet affordable Dental and physio-care in sector 137 noida and has a highly experienced team of dentist and physiotherapist . At Aadit clinic,get the best pain free Dental treatment,we offer everything from basic dental cleaning, Filling,RCT, Extractions,Crowns,Braces , Dental implants, laser dental treatment, Dental surgeries , child dental care and advanced Cosmatic dentistry.etc. Get the best physiotherapy Treatment of Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Sciatica, Cervical spondylosis, disc Bulge, Frozen Shoulder, Arthritis, Tennis elbow, Golfers elbow ,etc. Osteoporosis, muscle weakness, balancing problems etc. Post-surgery rehab for hip replacement, Knee Replacement, etc. Cardiac rehabilitation, Respiratory rehabilitation, Sports injury rehabilitation, Neurological issues like stroke, Nerve Injuries, Bells Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s. For the best Dental And Physiotherapy Clinic Near You, Contact, AADIT DENTAL AND PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC, CLUBHOUSE, PURVANCHAL ROYAL PARK,SECTOR 137 ,NOIDA